Senior Mobile Developer (Android)

Simply said, we are really looking for a super fast ninja-coder, zen-like guru with an overview as a helicopter and an eye to detail as a hawk all at the same time.

What this means is we are looking for a senior (mobile) developer with several high quality perfect looking and functioning mobile development projects delivered. We are currently looking specifically for Android. But we do equal amount of iOS projects, amongst others. So a varied resume is a plus.

We expect you to independantly be able to take on projects in a leading capacity, facing the customer during development to discuss planning, priorities, give advice and do the implementation alone or in a team using your expertise and attitude. You keep the interests of the client, yourself and the team to heart to to the best of your abilities as a true professional.

As a communication agency we put good design and user experience above all else.

We don’t split responsibilities into managers and developers. You will be responsible for both the project and the implementation, together with team members. Whilst for other projects, it might be you that does more development, and a colleague is responsible for the project.

Will you be the one pushing digital forward in Indonesia?


  • Lead projects
  • Create apps (Android, but also iOS, Windows Mobile and others)
  • Create technical designs, front-end and back-end (server-side)
  • Based on experience be responsible for all or a part of the development & research in the office.
  • Work together with designers and other developers in harmony
  • Be a mentor for the whole development team.

  • Several high quality well designed and functioning apps to show for.
  • Android (And iOS and Windows mobile is a pre)
  • At all times be able to use the latest technologies available personally in for the team
  • Master degree or similar in experience is a pre.
  • Also having a track-record in web applications (PHP / JAVA-JSP / Ruby / Javascript / css), and back-end (MySQL / Apache / Linux) is a pre.


  • You love to make the impossible possible.
  • You understand the difference between learning skills and learning to learn.
  • You can apply different communication techniques in different situations.
  • You see and know why an image should be one pixel to the left or right.


  • Your resume shows examples of your most recent published apps.
  • You have good English skills.
  • You can work full-time.

Salary is based on your shown experience and knowledge.
We ofcourse have additional benefits like catering, travel expenses and insurance plan in place.